you can add this to any tank top to dress it can use a scarf or get different kinds of fabric at the store to change things up

so pretty!

pretty pretty.

Pretty back

So pretty! :)

so pretty...

blue on blue. Bridesmaids dress #LillyPulitzer #SouthernWeddings

Pretty for fall!

So pretty!

I literally just applied for a job with them today. They're awesome. Seriously, go check them out. Especially all you engaged folk out there! They have a lot of wedding decoration stuff that is ADORABLE and affordable. You won't be disappointed!




so pretty!

pretty and romantic dress


Cute Shoes with white bows! i would buy but never where because white leather is so hard to #girl shoes #my shoes #shoes|

super cute!!

So pretty!

french braided buns are so cute! especially with that pink bow! i love my dark hair because i can put any bow colour in it!