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No matter what your condition, you can be grateful for all of your senses, for the miracles of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and feeling. You can be thankful for the functioning of your body and for the health of your limbs. You can be grateful for the incredible gift of the life that you have lived up until now, and the great life that lies ahead of you. #BrianTracy

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“Comparison is…”

Comparison is the thief of joy

My feelings exactly! When I 1st thought of beginning my brain trauma organization it was initially bc I had seen a child w a TBI fm immunizations. This was a total awakening to my life. I took my idea to someone I trusted who watched me battle thru my own TBI & the idea was laughed at. Of course i didn't listen I listened to this push I have always felt! Not everyone will understand our struggle even the ones who witnessed it! Its a hard pill to swallow but its just a fact. #ShareYourStrong