Zombie Garden Gnome - http://halloweensupplycenter.com/zombie-garden-gnome/

Best zombie costume ever

Zombie Disney Princesses

zombie garden gnome!!!!

I bet she got that awesome idea on Pinterest. Hahahaha

Halloween Zombie Gnomes Statue

Domestic Zombie Protection I laugh now, but we may need this!


Morphing Zombie Mug turns your morning coffee into a Zombie adventure. Finish your morning cup of Joe to escape the haunting Zombie creeping around your cup.

Frosty’s Nightmare.


Iz not drunk

Just invade we are ever faced with a zombie apocalypse.... Beenz you would survive

Zombie slippers

Maybe for the guest room : )

I love this...Zombie Gnomes:Bye Bye Birdie...from ChrisandJanesPlace...

Zombie Gnomes Collection: Patient Zero, Wyrick, and Legless Larry

Say what?

Why Do we Can so much? Zombies Darling. Zombies. #geek