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The Emperor 200. it's a perfect computer heaven-console-station. At only $49,150, it's totally in my budget.... right?

Emperor Workstation, armchair, comfortable, computer, future, futuristic, game place, modern, pc, workplace, Emperor 200, monitor

When i get my own home... A setup like this i shall build... Even more impressive i shall make it...

You can either buy a desktop computer, or have one built directly into a desk.

future gaming system. Does it come in 3D? Emperor Workstation A massive techno-womb designed to cradle you in ergonomic comfort, the Emperor workstation features three widescreen monitors: THX Dolby surround sound, air filtering, light therapy, a Web cam, battery back-up and many other things to help you fantasize about being a tyrannical army commander controlling a galaxy takeover.

Uber-luxurious MWE Emperor 200 Workstation.

The ULTIMATE computer setup!!!!! lol Cool!!! I want this one. Incensewoman

The coolest Desktop computer. Its built into the desk. #computer #geek

Transformer USB. Geekdom, Geek out, Fun, Funstuff, Nerd, Nerdy Fragyl Mari Lady Gamer Nerd Nut

Computer Gaming can dream.

[Scratch Build] UDesk [Airtight, Lowcost, Very low noise PC built in Desk]