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Do you worry about how your kids will turn out? Worry how they will do in school tomorrow? Worry about what they eat, how they sleep? "The Children are Fine." {A tiny, short read to inspire and reassure even the biggest worriers} #awesomelyawake

6 Ways to Empower an Anxious Child to Sleep Better

Anxiety, worry, and stress can keep your child (and you) awake at night. Six things you can do to alleviate those worries and help your anxious child sleep.

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Tips from a Teacher on Dealing with Back-to-School Anxiety

How to Deal with Back-to-School Anxiety - Love these great tips from a teacher on dealing with first day of school worries... I'd never thought to do #5, so smart!

Make Your Own Worry Basket

Parents, do you have little kids with big worries? Help your anxious children sleep with this DIY idea to calm and relax before bed!

10 Quotes From Kids' Movies That Will Inspire Every Parent

If you get roped into watching kids' movies over and over again, no worries. Here are 10 super helpful quotes for parents from family movie night picks. Next time you need parenting advice, just remember these sayings!

Bedtime Blessings

Bedtime is often a time when worries or fear show up in our children. It helps to speak bedtime blessings over our kids before they fall asleep.

You're tired of doing everything but you don't want to let anyone else do it. You can't stand if things aren't done your way. This post will inspire you to give others a chance to do things their way. {Baby Steps to Letting Go} #awesomelyawake

How do you respond when your daughter confides she's upset about something at school? Are you in a hurry when your son needs to chat about how he's nervous about playing in the game tonight? Or are you listening and responding? {5 Family Activities to Express Emotions.} #awesomelyawake #mindful #emotions