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  • Twylina Haggerty

    Fool proof. If you only read the first part of your class reading, overly answer questions, by the time it comes to what you didn't read, the teacher will decide it's time to give everyone else a chance to answer. This, my friends, is how I got through college

  • Kristin Dunkel

    This was me in high school... I had teachers telling me to put my hand down...

  • Lori Fuller

    Nerd Girl Problem #336 When your teacher never lets you answer questions because the other kids need a chance to answer

  • Sydney Antonoff-Wertheimer

    suggested by perdidleo

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I'm addicted to Google and Bing for this very reason. Anytime something comes up I don't know about my husband just looks at me while I scrabble for my iPhone and says "Google".

Nerd Girl Problem #4: British men ruin all chances of finding a suitable boyfriend

Oh good heavens yes...especially in relation to speech, tv shows, movies and books. :)

I'm fairly sure that if I still had enough hair to do a Katniss braid (and the patience), this would be exactly what would happen.

Nerd Girl Problems. The book you really want is never at the library.

I miss having the time for that. . . Lauren Renee we have to remedy this with Erika she has missed out too. Her and Will would be hilarious for five minutes. . . and then someone would die :P

tell me about it! It buffered while we were watching Doctor Who, at the end of the Doomsday episode!!! Totally killed the gut wrenching moment

This is why I would just pretend to still be working until someone else turned theirs in. I hated being the first so much.

Seriously though, get your Marvel and DC comic characters right.

This happens pretty frequently, actually. The better the book, the more often it happens.