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Without wine, there's no more Aphrodite or any other pleasure left for men. -Euripides I miss this !


Woman holding a glass of red wine (Pinot wine glass shape with large bowl)

Red Wine

Red Wine / Wineglass / Grapes / Wine Script by SpottedDogStudios

Cheers to you!!! xoxo LOLO❤︎

How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Booze

Wine Anatomy Print

Red Wine Art Wine Anatomy print Merlot Wine Chart by anek on Etsy

Pouring Red Wine Art __[Via Etsy by jojolarue] #cCreams #cMaroon #glass

Red Wine Pour Painting by Johanna Pabst - Red Wine Pour Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

I've always been interested in the way you can create watery reflections with photography and have even attempted to do something similar like this.  I believe with the proper equipment (instead of a phone camera) I could someday achieve this shot.

Raindrops travelling down a window whilst you're sitting inside in the warmth, perfectly dry. Watching the world go by, in the rain. City lights sparkling against all the raindrops that trickle down the windowpane.

History of #Malbec #Wine via @vineverabeauty (Click on the image to read the full article)

History of Malbec Wine

History of #Malbec #Wine via @vineverabeauty (Click on the image to read the full article)

Still Life Painting Canvas Prints - From Beginning to End Canvas Print by Kim Lockman


The texture is created by the leaf which has DOMINANCE because it takes up the majority of the photo and the human in the background has SUBORDINATION because of how small he/she is. Photography by Maria Ibdah

perfect composition  --- 興趣圖譜 Hobby Couple

Cup of tea, a very favorite thing! Hot Mint tea and honey!) in the morning with my bible In the dark and at night to wind down, think about my day, and pray!

Wine + Rain

gotta love a good bokeh photo!