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Catherine Stern LOL ouch, oops I mean oh, the memories!! ;)

My husband's baby pictures looks like the Gerber baby. His mom used to get stopped at the store and was asked if he was. LOL!

I had these in the mid 80s..but not in high tops.. but in pink! Loved these shoes! wish they still made them in pink..

Loved these! Some family member would always end up getting me one every Christmas. xD But I'm not complaining. ;)

hahaha...i must admit i've done every one but the super hero;)

Absolute truth. A call back to my youth, such good memories.

LOVED these them all in no time from my public library

This movie scared the crap out of me growing up!!! And as joke my mother Louise Accurso bought me an ET doll and then put it in my stuffed animal pile, and face it in the front, so it always stared at me, I would have to get up and throw it in the closet, i was so terrified of it lol

had the copy book for school and would always go over the book cover with a pencil and make pictures for my mother, she still has one.;;;lol