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    • GoGreenRide

      do your own thing! #live #life! #inspire!

    • Valerie

      Isn't this so true! Stand in truth and believe in what you are doing. Not everyone will agree in the beginning but who cares!

    • A.e. Spitler

      So true- need to remember this more often!

    • Kari Ann Shellenberger

      So true. People who don't smile back or wave back, and completely avoid me now that they know about my ED aren't hurting me at all. Those things used to break me because I cared so much about what people thought about me, but not anymore. What I care most about now is how I think about me! And I'm PROUD of myself and my recovery.

    • Alexandra Anthony

      #truth #love #quote

    • Ruth Christensen

      Wise thoughts!

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    grant me patience to deal with my blessings :) - saw this in a house the other day and I love it!

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    Down South, If you hear a Southern Girl Say Ohhh, Hayell No - 6"x6"x3/4" - Typography Art Block on Etsy, $15.00

    To my son too ... because he's a wonderful son and I love him from here to the moon ... and by the way, he never pestered me to buy him anything.

    For my 5 Children. (yes even the 2 I raised that didn't come from my body.) I love and miss you. You're growing into adults way to fast. ♥ Mom

    I have three sons. My eldest is turning twelve... He is becoming a man. This made me tear up.

    "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" -Quote from Winnie the Pooh

    This job is a test. It is only a test. Had it been an actual job, you would have received Raises, promotions and other signs of appreciation.

    Always ♡

    Just like what happened in Mean Girls... #someecards #lovethese

    Funny Breakup Ecard: Keep going straight then make your first right, take the hill until you make it all the way up and OVER YOURSELF!

    Well, it's not surprising that nobody likes you. I mean, take a look at yourself. You shouldn't like yourself, either.

    But really, I still have a hard time being mean even when people are rude!

    So many people I could say this to!!! Read More Funny:

    This reminds me of someone that I use to know...

    Funny Confession Ecard: You might think you're an 'honest' person but being a mean spirited insecure jealous bitch is not the same as being honest.

    Maybe that’s why easily offended people are so cranky…

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    When someone says He's a good guy once you get to know him They really mean He's an asshole, but you'll get used to it

    Just because I appear to believe your BS, doesn't mean I'm as stupid as you think I am. I'm just laughing inside and waiting to see what else you come up with.

    “Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need.” Rick Riordan (post includes free printable)

    spiritualinspiration: Remember, God will never waste anything you go through in life. If you’ll keep the right attitude, He’ll turn that situation around for your good. It doesn’t matter how you got there, whether it was by your own poor choices or maybe someone else treated you unfairly, God wants to use that situation to do a work in you. He’ll take that evil and turn it around for your good. You may be uncomfortable at times, but you’ve got to know that you are growing, and God is ...

    Tips For Parents: What To Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied