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Chris Rahm on

Another satisfied customer: currently using unit as a weigh wagon and for seed delivery. Sold by Devolder Farms

Karl Armstrong on

Up bright and early sunday morning for a @DEKALB_Canada #soybean seed convoy to Merlin Ont. (via @farmboy8400)

SOS Acres on

Another Unverferth Seed Tender sold by Devolder Farms in Ontario! [@HylandSeeds1 is excited to make this delivery! #servicing our growing dealer Forest ag in #watford #plant14 #ontag (via @jeremysegeren)]

Karl Armstrong on

Another day of runnin the roads getting the @DEKALB_Canada seed out to customers for #plant14 (via @farmboy8400)

Kevin Van Netten on

Another weigh wagon in use

Nicholas Zwambag on

via @NZwambag: Delivering #Dekalb corn & Unverferth tender see @bin_girl to get yours #ontag #SWAG

Features of the Unverferth Seed Runner Self-Loading Seed Tender. For more information, visit today!

Full promotional video for the Unverferth Seed Runner Seed Tender. Featuring its innovative self-filling design. The model 3750 features a capacity of 375 cubic feet and model 2750 holds up to 275 cubic feet.

Save time & money during #plant13 with a bulk seed tender from #ontag