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TUCUXI Rescue Gear for USCG by Gene Fu at Coroflot.com

The TUCUXI Rescue Gear is designated for USCG (United States Coast Guard) SAR (Search and Rescue) department. The mask improves the efficiency for rescue swimmer to rescue victims.

Voyager Trekking Pole Concept by Robb McCollough at Coroflot.com

A user interface project focused on giving those with degenerative arthritis the ability to continue outdoor exploration in comfort and with enhanced connectivity.

- Comic Sequence portrays time - bubble represents to appearance on interface - radar waves to present wifi -lists of things of value (each box is a point)

NORI Emergency Liferaft by Ronald Lek at Coroflot.com

NORI is a new emergency life raft system that features an “all way access” to allow victims toboard the life raft quickly with minimum chaos, yet not comprising.

DEFT CHINOOK | Hybrid Winter Boot on Behance:

Footwear is often designed within the framework of a category (e. running, lifestyle, hiking, etc. Rarely though do users limit the use of their favourite shoes to their intended environment. Since users routines aren't always compatible with these ov

GROHE F Digital: Maximise your experience and transform your bathroom into a home spa.

Veris F-Digital Flexibility for your GROHE SPA® Wireless technology. Experience the convenience of digital technolog.