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  • Laure Demoulin

    GinkgoLeaves - Ginkgo biloba — Wikipédia

  • Dulce Malverde

    Ginkgo Biloba Tree Leaf Ginkgo leaves in autumn

  • Sam Pryor

    Ginkgo leaves shown in their fall color, yellow.

  • Victoria

    Gingko leaves. I love the story of the Gingko tree - apparently around 200 million years ago and wiped out during the ice age in Europe and North America. They were cultivated in Buddhist monasteries in China and Japan for medicinal and aesthetic purposes. After being thought extinct they were re-discovered again in 1691 by a European who re-introduced them to the West. Ancient Beings.

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Ginko - Leaves turn a buttery yellow in the Fall and are beautiful when the sun shines on them. This brilliant colleague reminds me of shingles on a building.

ginko leaves. yellow & green. See the coolest #Art installations in Manhattan on www.artexperience...

Leaf Pair, Fullerton Arboretum by PYHOOYA, via Flickr Gingko Biloba, one of the oldest trees on earth

Ginkgo leaves. Their color is perfect with gray, just as shown here.

Ginko. This is the ginko tree leaf it is also the symbol for Banks in Japan, the ginko fruit when left to rot smells quite horrid. My high school had these trees and the fall was an extremely smelly season for us students.

Fertile Leaf [ Frond ] of the fern Adiantum. The brown spots are the Sori [ Collection of Sporangia ] at the edges of the leaflets.

My ghetto name Queshamitasha........i can't even freakin pronounce it!! that means it is bougighetto huh??!!! lol

I Like It Natural And Colorful...Always In The Country !... samissomarspace.w...

Green and yellow, half-half by shinichiro*, via Flickr

Maidenhair Fern. New fronds are often pink; in some species, completely pink, before turning green.

Anne Mouyeos, The Eyes Have It! photo stream -- Gingko overlay