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    Keep cool this 4th of July by enjoying a slice or two of this Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Roll. You'll get cake, ice cream and sprinkles in each slice. Recipe from

    So cool! Hide Pop-Rocks inside little firecracker-shaped cakes for a snappy surprise.

    Kid fun

    make patriotic window decorations with tissue paper that look like stained glass

    COOLEST THING EVER!!! Cut open glow sticks pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Summer nights here we come!

    FIREWORKS!! Neat idea - Dip your pipe cleaner in the paint and stamp away!  I told the kids to stamp in the same spot.  After they lift the pipe cleaner up, turn it a little and stamp again.  And repeat the process with a new color.

    Baking soda clay,

    Take that mosquitos!- Mosquito trap - Cut the top off a 2 liter bottle. Invert the cone and place it inside the straight part of the bottle. Glue the two pieces together. Add 1 tsp yeast and 1/2 cup sugar to some luke warm water, and pour the mixture into the bottle. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale. The yeast feeds off the sugar and emits the same gas, so the mosquito enters the bottle, thinking she will find food there.

    Pop Rocks mixed with Sprinkles = Firecracker Frosting for Cupcakes or Cookies! Perfect for the Fourth of July!

    glow in the dark bowling. How fun for camping or the backyard!

    Al Fresco Bowl Cover, I have some red white and blue fabric that needs pony beads and love. These will be made for the fourth of july....hopefully.

    Not sure if I am ready for crawfish, but a shrimp boil sounds like just the way to spice things up this summer.

    I have been making the "flower/snowflake" in the bottom right for years. Never thought to make it in Red, White, Blue.

    Looks like John at about 3 years old

    I like the bunting in the back ground.

    Robyn's bonbons in colored white chocolate....mmmmmm

    Red. White. Blue. bundt cake

    red white & blue! pretzel rods

    I am thinking about doing this in red, white and blue.

    4th of July

    4th of July! We could make these earlier in the day. Let them dry, then spray with clear spray, dry again and good to go home :)

    4th of July Strawberries

    Cooler Corn-- Isn't this a slick way to cook corn for a crowd? Just fill cooler with corn and boiling water and close lid-

    Mason Jar Cocktails! What a green alternative to soda cans and bottles. I now know how I will repurpose all those mason jars in my basement. Ps. I had a brain storm, lets save pb jars for kids drinks.

    outdoor Twister hmmmm......