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    middle ages; funny play on words

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    The Middle Ages: Then vs. Now [Comic] funny game, tech, internet, pc related pictures, gamers, gaming, geek humor, pc geeks, computer humor, games, video games, pc games, game shop, gamer, internet humor, Tech humor, pc, internet, Tech, geek, nerd, internet geek, comic book, gadget, gamer geek, pop culture, facebook, funny, humor

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An animated chart of 42 North American butterflies

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Poker Hands

old, but always relevant.

washingtonpost: A map. Sometimes the most beautiful infographics are the simplest.


Presenting “Top 10 Magical Objects,” a specially commissioned infographic we did for a certain mega-popular fantasy series about a British, bespectacled boy wizard…

Pop Chart Lab --> Design + Data = Delight --> Splendid Structures of New York City

This is the full image from last week’s chart over at Medium. Check back tomorrow at for a new one (it’s going to be a weekly thing…) as well as other great charts by Jessica Hagy, The Frogman and Cody Westphal.

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oscar dresses 20141390x3233.ashx (1390×3233)


貓奴要轉身 | 門小雷 Blog | 獨家創作 | 博客巡行 | RoadShow 路訊網

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New year, new cleaned-out closet. Let this flowchart be your guide as you edit yours for 2015.

Should you buy a selfie stick?

Turning 30: Described in Charts and Graphs - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

Reminder that about 10 people own everything in the world, so buy small! Such as from say, *cough* start-up infographic chart-makers, if you happen to know of any. (Via Reddit)

*Reindeer not included. Chris Hebert shows off the cinematic looks of Santa’s sleigh in this new infographic.

Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic, page 196

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