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Well, as the saying goes, opinions are like....well, you know,and EVERYONE has one. Everyone except first graders, that is. Okay, okay, t...

Opinion Writing Prompt Pilgrims Thanksgiving November

Would your students like to have grown up during the time of the Pilgrims? I read students books about what it was like for Pilgrim children before they answer this question. They can use information from what we have read to support their opinion.

Just a reminder sweetie: Everyone gets a taste of their own medicine sooner or later. I'd watch out if I were you.

Dark Black Magic - Dark Black Magic: Chapter 46- second opinion

A new study explores the complex social structure of quaker parrots, revealing a few surprises along the way.

Pets Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing: Favorite Pets--Students love telling which item they like the best. This activity encourages students to give the reason why they think their choice is the best.$