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Marble Painting~a standard toddler art project that will keep them occupied for hours! I am posting this for family and friends with little ones! What an awesome craft! I want some but don't think I could get my teenagers to do it! :-)

Rainy Day Project - Stained glass window with press-n-seal and tissue paper.

Sidewalk paint: 1 part cornstarch (1 c.), 1 part water (1 c.), food coloring, sponge brushes, mix cornstarch and water, add food coloring and mix!

100 Things You Can Purchase from the Dollar Tree and Use in Play.

Just paint two of their fingers

Recipes galore...homemade sidewalk chalk, rainbow pasta, finger paint, bubbles, fruit roll ups, bath paint, play-doh, etc... all in one place.

Paint inside egg shells and throw at canvas!! Fun and crafty :) DIY...& a outside activity

101 Almost Free Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer, or any time really

Toddler Busy Bag Ideas

40 ways to keep a toddler busy - probably the best list I've seen

So colorful and pretty. Wish I would have done something like this when the kids were smaller, but still may do it!

Father's Day - Hilarious what kids say (even older kids). I'm so doing this!

What a fun game! Make two dice: one with numbers, and one with colors. Roll the dice, then use dot stamps to make that number of dots in that color on your paper.

bath time fun - colored ice cubes - This is a simple way to add a little (more) excitement to the bath time routine. - They love chasing the colors around while they melt.

10 things to do (with kids) when you're stuck inside

Easter crafts

Gold coins at the bottom, Skittles and marshmallows on top. St. Patrick's Day in a jar.

Be this kind of mom

homemade washable chalk spray paint for outside fun.

recipes for moon sand, flubber, sidewalk paint, window paint, play dough, shaving cream paint, bubbles, and more.

St. Patricks day shamrock

love blossoms :)

Improve Photography - tips

Turkey Cookies

November turkey hand print poem keepsake