• Juneberry Box

    Cute DIY project idea! Beer bottles repurposed as flower vases! "In bloom" is trending

  • Amanda Blain

    beer bottles, cute idea

  • Itzel Leñero Maldonado

    pop bottle craft//maybe with beer bottles?

  • Kelly Campbell

    flower vases from spray paint and soda bottles (or beer bottles)

  • carrie Singleton

    Cute gift idea. Spray paint beer bottles & their 4-pack container to give fresh flowers in a creative way.

  • Elliot's Olivia

    spray painted bottles for vases.....an easy idea for the glass bottles on the " Love all the varied containers and glassware! Photography by pure7studios.com, Event Planning by carillonweddings.com, Flowers by eventsbynouveaufl..." pin you just pinned @Autumn McMillen

  • Katrina Paluso

    Spring flower vases, painted upcycled glass bottles! Here's something you can do with those wine and beer bottles instead of tossing them! :)

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