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  • Cara J Bushnell

    So true!! Remember this... CJB

  • Hannah Grant

    Daily reminder. I am not perfect, but the one who is stands by me. Unfailing love.

  • alicia

    Being a Christian is worth it :)

  • Stacy Myers

    This SPEAKS to my SOUL!!! So many people I know want to put Christians on a pedistool, just waiting for them to mess up to call them a hypocrit. We are all a mess, but the great thing about being a Christian, is our messes are forgiven. We are all only human and sinners...EVEN CHRISTIANS :) wow... well said!

  • rachel lopez

    Yes, I'm a Christian. yes I can be the biggest hypocrite ever. I backslide. I stumble. I fall. I stray onto the wrong path. But God is working in me. I may be a mess, but I'm His mess. And He is slowly straightening me out. And the day will come when I will be by His side, His work in me completed. And until that day I will take His hand, and let Him do in me whatever needs to be done, no matter how painful it will be for me. When He is finished, it will all be worth it.

  • Jessica

    God is so good! Thank you Lord!

  • Toni Weems

    Being a Christian doesn't mean you're perfect, it means you have the Lord to help you as you strive for perfection in His eyes.

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Once we have called, our next step is to watch. He has never broken a promise and He is promising to show us great and mighty things we do not know. God finds joy not only in our asking but also in our anticipation that follows. Lets not rob Him of them!

Ahhhh!!! "You can love me more in a moment than other lovers could in a lifetime...." Can't stop singing it.

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Post your #PrayerRequest on Instapray. #Pray with the whole world --------->

Psalm 139:1-4 The song: "Oh Lord you've searched me. You know my ways. Even when I fail you. I know you love me."