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Great philosophy. Sadly, I am poor. Thus mine is: eat sufficiently, fart frequently. What can I say? Reality stinks.

Being humble doesn't mean that you aren't sure of yourself. It shows that you are confident in your work and you don't have to brag - the work speaks for itself.

be nice. Made my own version of this and hung it by the garage door where we put our shoes on every day to leave. I love it!

WORK HARD: I read this as, "... and if you're kind of amazing, things will happen." LMAO. It sounded right in my mind at least. ^_^

Never take rudeness from others personally. It's their problem, not yours. But don't be a rug and stand up for yourself. God only gave you two cheeks to turn.

Too many people spend time collecting "things" and never spend time collecting moments/memories!