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  • Gina McAskill Elduayen

    Jello orange wedges! How cool is this? (With link to how-to.) ;) my cousin made these as jello shots at Christmas and they were fantastic!!

  • Angela Bossio-Thorpe

    DIRECTIONS!!! READ THIS!!!! Cut oranges in 1/2 and hollow out (don't want any pulp left at all. Get it all the way to the white-ish part) Set hollowed orange halves, open side up, in something secure so they don't move around when the jello is in them (I used muffin pans; easy transportation, great to keep them where you want 'em =D) Prepare jello with 1/3 less water needed for recipe. Pour into orange halves Set in fridge and chill completely Take out of fridge, flip over onto cutting board (open side down so it's flat on the surface). Cut into slices, either halves again (1/4 of the whole) or into 3 slices. Make sure to use a really good serrated knife, and don't be really forceful with them, it's jello after all! =) And voila! You have jello orange slices! Option: I haven't done this personally, but I plan on trying this at some point.... Jello SHOT Slices! =D Oh yea, what a party that would be! But I don't recommend having both at a gathering where there will be kids... imagine the mix ups that could happen! =O

  • Marie Wolstencroft

    Rainbow Orange Slice Jelly Shots

  • Farrah Stephens

    DIY orange shell mini vodka shots (would be fun with just jello for the kids too)

  • Christine Elliott

    #Rainbow #Jello Snack Recipe! Great for the kids in the #summer! So easy to make!

  • Dorian Morgan

    Orange wedge jello shooters

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