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    • Johan Persyn

      Valerie D'Orazio's Blog: The Case Of Anita Sarkeesian: Online ... comicspaladin.blogspot.com 700 × 464 . the harassment of female bloggers and online commentators. In Sarkeesian's case, her Kickstarter has wildly surpassed her initial financial goals

    • EqualRightsAdvocates

      Despite online harassment and threats, Anita Sarkeesian has continued with her project addressing sexism and stereotyping in video games.

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    some trogolodytes have created a game that lets players beat up Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist video blogger who’s been subject to an unremitting campaign of harassment since she created a Kickstarter to support a project to explore tropes of female characters in video games.

    Sexual Harassment in Online Gaming Stirs Anger (Aug 1) Sexism, racism, homophobia and general name-calling are facts of life in certain corners of online video games. But the Cross Assault episode exposed the severity of the harassment that many women experience in virtual gaming communities. The issue has moved beyond endless debate among gaming insiders to more public calls for change

    Sheryl Sandberg, TED talk: It's not because of lack of female potential. Women need to stop shooting themselves in the foot -- no more drawing back ten years early in anticipation of childbearing, for instance. Equally, though, she lists areas where we, as a society, need to improve. We need more equitable division of labor in the home, for example, if we want to see more equitable division of honors in the boardroom.

    Female entrepreneurs begin with about 1/8th of the funding of male-owned ventures, but women-operated, venture-backed companies have 12% higher revenues.

    Way to go Melinda Gates - Supporting a great cause and not trying to force her beliefs on others. Another reason I love the work of the Gates Foundation.

    “It’s not about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” - Michelle Obama

    THIS? Is empathy versus sympathy in the absolutely HIGHEST and BEST described way. If you're confused about the difference between them, constantly refer to this pin. | tamishaford.com

    Meet the Woman Who Waged an Artistic War Against Her Street Harassers Brooklyn oil painter Tatyana Fazlalizadeh got fed up with dudes invading her space. So she started telling them so—very publicly.

    London/Washington: "He won, and the word "phew" trended worldwide on Twitter." Daily News & Analysis (DNA)-India