This fun game doubles as a great teamwork activity

Teamwork by Fahmi Bhs, Ants forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in. #Photography #Ants

A CALL TO LEADERSHIP. start. stop. more. from @Lolly Daskal #leadfromwithin #leadership

Can't help but relate. You know it's love when you get to shout AVENGE ME at your significant other. My male counterpart should relate as well.

Now this is how to climb a wall!!! FUCKING COOL!!!

STEM idea: One of the most popular challenges is the Spaghetti Tower (sometimes called Marshmallow Tower) challenge. It's actually a completely doable, fun way for your kids to experiment, collaborate, and problem solve.

13/08/2014 A friend helped me out today. A very simple little thing but it was very kind #Happy

I love the new call of duty just as much as my long love for battlefield and halo but there is no tactical playing in call of duty it's everyman(woman) for themselves

TEAMI'm soooo looking forward to starting my school year in yet another new grade....3rd! I have 2 awesome teachers to join on with and collaborate some great new/innovative ideas.... Dina Spaziano Cochrane and Gina Carbone....G3!!!! I will be practicing Blended Learning along with another new tech savvy practice called Flipped Classroom!!! Big changes happening Anthony Carnevale Elementary School...HERE WE GO 2015-16!!! ‪#‎DreamBigBTS

Just Plain C O U N T R Y

Bodybuilding Motivation @bodybuilding_motivation Instagram photos | Websta

Oh dear Lord, that is way too cute.i know its not a poster but it speaks volums about love

If you're in Property Management, this is great to hang up in your leasing office.

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This is one of the best baseball quotes I've ever heard!!

docenten noemen het spieken, wij noemen hij teamwork


Thug life level: Crow

The perfect crime

You need someone to make you better, not complete you. by avis