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    • Trish Park

      Family Love is Unconditional Love!! I Love My Family!!

    • Peggy Holman

      ~I Love my Family~ #Family #Quote

    • Lori A Tyger

      So true. Family is everything and no one can destroy true love.

    • Stacy George

      I love my family. I thank God for blessing me with a great family.

    • Shane Bowles

      Wouldn't it be wonderful if people would choose to view each other as they do their children. Not in a teaching role, dealing out rewards and punishments. But rather giving the unconditional love we have for our children. Never a "you made a mistake! I don't love you anymore", but a "there may be a better way to do that. Let me see if we can figure it out together.". Christ gave us an example of agape love to guide us. God placed one other example for us to be reminded. That's our kids. No matter what we go through, the pain they sometimes cause us, how they influence a turn that we had rather not taken in our lives, we don't abandon them. We never go off to do what is best for us without regard for what is best for them or the family closeness. This is how relationships are supposed to work. You help each other to grow through love and commitment. There will be tough times that pass as our promise sustains our love, rather than our love sustaining our promise. And I'll tell ya what, one day, after hardship and struggles of relationship growth, you will be as proud of that person you chose to love like they were your own child, as you are of your baby girl or boy as they become women and men. How beautiful that we are always rewarded for truly loving...

    • Stephanie Haller

      So true! I love my family, I know I can always depend on them no matter what <3

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