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beautiful example of sketching from photo ::: Wit & Whistle

sketch book designs - need to start doing this

I want to be that teenager who, when my mom comes in my room, instead of scolding me for always being on my phone she says: "it's not good for you to always be in your room, alone, reading!"

I did somthing soooo similar!

I adore peeking inside other people's sketchbooks. It makes me want to grab my pens and draw.

"I love drawing on graph paper. It's reassuring to have some gridlines to start from rather than a completely blank piece of paper."<--totally true! I'm really enjoying browsing Amanda Wright's sketchbook on Whit & Whistle.

I really like the double-page spread of spermy lines; something about it is intriguing psychologically : father's day process sketchbook

keep drawing, use a book to colllect scribbles, notes and sketches to be used to reference works. Becca Stadtlander sketchbook

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