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A Bullfinch with bare branches and red berries.

Little Wren, Third smallest bird in the uk, but probably one of the loudest. Wonderful.

Taiwan Rose-finch by 賞景者 Jeff Lin

Southern Carmine Bee-eater(Merops nubicoides).They are attracted to wildfires because of the flushed insects, and are often seen circling high in the air. They also eat rodents and lizards.

OGM its so cute. (P.S. i dont care if i said OMG wrong its cute i dont care if its weird or diffrent thats what makes me awesome)

Eurasian Bullfinch / Pyrrhula pyrrhula / Bouvreuil pivoine : Le Bouvreuil pivoine est une espèce de passereaux d'Eurasie appartenant à la famille des Fringillidae. Il vit et se nourrit en couple, à la lisière d'un bois ou d'une haie. Il disparaît rapidement si on l'approche. Wikipédia