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  • Erin Denny

    How I felt after true blood... doctor who will be much... much worse.

  • Riley Jo

    When I finished One Tree Hill, my life died

  • Magaly Gonzalez

    Hilarious awkward moment funny quote. For more funny jokes and hilarious quotes visit www.bestfunnyjoke...

  • Amanda Sparrowhawk

    That's how I felt when Friday Night Lights and Desperate Housewives ended.

  • Cindy Ellis

    Ah so true. I thought this after one tree hill, alias, desperate housewives etc etc...

  • Maribel Leyva

    Seriously!!! This is my life after Grey's Anatomy

  • Marti Smith

    Joel and Marti with Band of Brothers!

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I've recently become the slightest bit obsessed with Breaking Amish mean to tell me my ab stimulation belt and Netflix isn't giving me rock hard six pack abs?

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Awesome. Beatles right before the Abbey Road shoot.