Place cards made from erasers-would be cute on desks for the first day of school. I like this better than name plates...

Eraser name cards I bought the erasers from Dollar Tree. I cut a slit across the top for the name plates. Super easy! These will be on my students desks for the first day of school!

First Day of School Gift

When the light's on, students may not talk to you. What a FABULOUS idea! Perfect for assessment time

I like the idea of putting this on my desk during a test. As each kid turns in their test to me they can take one and return to their seat.

three milk crates tied together and topped with padded wooden seat. Add baskets for storage. from Clutter-Free Classroom: DIY Seating With Storage {Coffee and a Clever Idea}

‘Who I Am’ graphic information sheet, for getting to know my students. DIRECT LINK

A Students 1st 10 Minutes in the Classroom

WOW! 2nd graders made these adorable "selfies" for their parents to see at conferences. Needless to say, they were a hit!

Cute beginning of the year idea - can put up for curriculum night

Put a different colored dot on each desk in a group. When you need to have one student from each table do something, you can just simply say "Green dots, come get the papers for your table." or "Orange dots, take your table's trash to the trashcan."

No More Name Plates - this teacher writes the students names on their desks with sharpie paint pens and when the names need to come off you just cover with an expo dry-erase marker then wipe off with a kleenex and viola! So smart!

Bathroom sign out! OR ...could even serve as a place to "jot" teacher reminders at the door - so we don't forget! :-)

School Is a Happy Place: A Peek Inside My Class and Two Freebies for Yours When you are totally out of ideas about how to arrange the room....this is the place to come!

#Motivation This is a great way to create community the first week of school and to create some meaningful art to put on display! Similar to a heart map, this is a name map. Students can create their own, and then compare with their tablemates. Another idea would be to scan in each table together, and on a SmartBoard (if you have one), draw connections between students and similar likes/traits.

daily objective dry erase- doing this!

Ideas for the first day of school.

Day of the teacher idea

Spill the Skittles, not the beans Pass out five or ten Skittles to each student and explain that for each piece of candy the student has, s/he must tell the class something about him/herself. each color corresponds to a category. An orange Skittle represents a scary memory; green ones represent a favorite outdoor place; blue ones represent their favorite place to swim and so on.

Thank you card from class. Great for secretary day or nurse day