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  • Sarah Pick

    Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, and Hugh Laurie

  • Deb’s Easel -  (Deb Hezel) -

    Deliciously British actors

  • Aims Hollan

    Deliciously British. Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin Freeman. David Tennant. Collin Firth. Alan Rickman. Hugh Laurie.

  • Lakin Ragains

    British men... I'll take Hugh Laurie or Colin Firth anyday :)

  • Tasha Glenn

    I live in the wrong country. Though, technically David Tennant was made in Scotland.. which I guess is still Britain, but there's a distinction.

  • Cassandra Adams

    God bless Britain

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made in UK . . . only the finest.

I'm serious I'm going nuts because I saw Colin Morgan in that suit with the SAME HAIRCUT and now I see BENNY in the same SUIT AND HAIRCUT.

British and American English… two nations divided by a not-so-common language

I absolutely adore british accents now. I liked it since forever, but esp more so now. The first time I heard it from a British was my Archery mate, OwO i totally love it!

homages to: braveheart. matrix. unforgiven. matt damon? american psycho. minority report. jurassic park. harry potter. lord of the rings. jack nicholson? atonement, seven. zoolander. 300. silence of the lambs. terminator.

Marvel grows its actors on a big talent farm. Chris Evans helping clean up will forever be one of my favorite things♥

Handcuff ALL The British Men! And hand Cumberbatch over to me. Please and thank you!

As an American, this is how I imagine England. Is this about right Drew Huddleston?

OMG! This is SUCH a GREAT picture (and gif). He's SO beautiful! The stuff dreams are made of....and it ends with a gorgeous smile. ;0"

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