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    Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company. ~Booker T. Washington.

    Love this. Too bad not everyone would stop and think outside the box and be more opened-minded instead of always thinking they are right.


    So true!


    Listen carefully, this is so true, Wouldn't it be great if two-faced people literally had two faces so everyone around them could have heads up on what a fake they are. Unfortunately there is no way to expose the truth without being just this way. So pay close attention seek the truth yourself. Don't be a victim and choose your friends wisely.


    be nice if more people would try this approach, say politicians and all other lazy, useless people.

    Yep... I know a few of these people.

    Keep it simple.

    So true.

    surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher

    So true


    SO true!


    We learn from our experiences and mistakes. Indeed, we alone wrong ourselves. Allah never wrongs His creations.


    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC