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Grave Goods - A Viking Age cemetery at Pierowall on Westray in Orkney. Some of the finer objects from the more than 15 graves excavated include a brass oval brooch from a woman's grave, a tinned bronze drinking terminal mount, and a refashioned gilt bronze Irish/Pictish brooch with glass settings. A number of weapons were also found, including the two spears, a sword , a shield boss, and a very unusual axe hammer. The burials date from between 850 and 950.

These grave goods were found along with some human bones eroding from the sand dunes at Reay in Caithness in 1912. They are characteristic Scandinavian grave goods, indicating a woman's burial dating to around 900 to 1000. Other Viking graves were found nearby. The grave goods comprise brass oval brooches, a bronze ring-headed pin, a steatite spindle whorl, a tinned bronze buckle, an iron horse bit and a small pair of corroded iron tweezers.

These objects were found in a woman's grave at Westness on Rousay in Orkney. She died in childbirth and was buried with her valuable jewellery and a range of tools between 850 and 900. The grave goods show that she was a woman of wealth and status. Grave disturbed by farmer so no details of arrangement of items in the grave.

Grave goods buried with a wealthy Viking woman at Westness on Rousay in Orkney. Along with valuable jewellery, she was buried with a range of tools, including these. 850-900AD The iron tools here were used for making textiles & include a long weaving sword used to push the weft together when weaving, remains of 2 heckles (large iron 'combs') for combing plant fibres (linen), a set of shears and a small sickle or reaping hook.