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    Grave Goods - A Viking Age cemetery at Pierowall on Westray in Orkney. Some of the finer objects from the more than 15 graves excavated include a brass oval brooch from a woman's grave, a tinned bronze drinking terminal mount, and a refashioned gilt bronze Irish/Pictish brooch with glass settings. A number of weapons were also found, including the two spears, a sword , a shield boss, and a very unusual axe hammer. The burials date from between 850 and 950.

    These grave goods were found along with some human bones eroding from the sand dunes at Reay in Caithness in 1912. They are characteristic Scandinavian grave goods, indicating a woman's burial dating to around 900 to 1000. Other Viking graves were found nearby. The grave goods comprise brass oval brooches, a bronze ring-headed pin, a steatite spindle whorl, a tinned bronze buckle, an iron horse bit and a small pair of corroded iron tweezers.

    Grave goods from the Oseberg ship burial, around 800, Norway Viking.

    The Viking graves are shaped differently depending on whether it contains a man or a woman. The graves containing men are shaped pointy like viking ships or as a triangle, while women's graves are round or oval. Depending on the burial customs of the time of each burial, the Iron Age grave was covered with a mound, and the Viking Age grave was a cremation grave with a stone surrounded perimeter, inside which the deceased was cremated.

    Items in a viking grave

    Items found in a Viking grave*

    Viking woman grave | ArkeoDok "This woman with all here possessions is one of about 100 graves investigated at the Viking Age Port of Trade at Fröjel, Gotland, Sweden. It is an example showing how and where on the body we find the objects she has had on her, when buried." Click through for high-res photo of upper body, with found objects in situ and labelled.

    Womens grave with seidrstaff, reconstruction of grave 4 at Fyrkat, Denmark by Thórhallúr Thráinsson in an article of magazin The Viking Heritage 'Viking age sorceres' based on the book 'The Viking Way Religion and War in the Later Iron Age of Scandinavia' by Neil Price.

    At the ring fortress of “Fyrkat”, near Hobro, in Denmark. the grave of a Viking female, who may have been a seeress, has been found. The woman was dressed in fine blue and red clothes adorned with gold thread and was buried in a horse-drawn carriage and many unusual objects were found in her grave. (She wore toe rings of silver, which have not been found elsewhere in Scandinavia).

    Viking pendant in guilded silver filigree, grave find from Sweden.

    From the book of Neil Price: womans grave, with staff.

    Viking fishing hook. Grave find, Edsby, Sweden. Most people in Scandinavia during the Viking Age lived off agriculture and animal husbandry, combined with hunting and fishing.

    Viking age women's jewelry set by Epic Arts, via Flickr

    Viking dress pin of bronze. Grave find, Öland, Sweden. Object from the exhibition "We call them Vikings" produced by The Swedish History Museum.

    850's Norwegian Woman's Viking Dress

    Embroidery from the Tenth Century Viking Grave at Mammen, Denmark

    Viking belt made of bronze and leather. (The leather is reconstructed). Found in a free man´s grave at the island of Gotland, Sweden.

    soapstone bowl from Viking woman's grave, Westness, Orkney, ca 850-950 (National Museum of Scotland)

    Bone object said to be a lucet. Viking age.

    Pendant, cross shaped Silver Grave find, Vinor, Fårö, Gotland, Sweden. SHM 22459:6

    Wood carved ornaments for tents Oseberg Burial mound grave ab. 834 CE Norway Horned or horn helmet figure. Reptile and serpent worship scene? saamiblog.blogspo... Exhibited at the Viking ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.