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    • Alec Roberts

      Grave Goods - A Viking Age cemetery at Pierowall on Westray in Orkney. Some of the finer objects from the more than 15 graves excavated include a brass oval brooch from a woman's grave, a tinned bronze drinking terminal mount, and a refashioned gilt bronze Irish/Pictish brooch with glass settings. A number of weapons were also found, including the two spears, a sword , a shield boss, and a very unusual axe hammer. The burials date from between 850 and 950.

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    Axeheads, burials, knives and more from the Viking cemetery which amazed archaeologists in Cumbria. Click on to read more.....

    Anglo-Saxon Gold Beast Pendant, 9th Century AD A triangular gold pendant with slightly convex edges and integral cast loop; the outer edges notched; the central keyed field with reserved beast in Trewhiddle Style with returned twisted tail; trefoil motifs above the head and the four-toed foot, the foreleg folded beneath the chest.

    “This may be a 17th C charmstone…where round crystals are found set in silver on a chain for dipping into liquids as charms against disease. Such crystal balls were often found in Northern European burials of the early Middle Ages (especially Germanic, Merovingian and Anglo-Saxon). Meaney suggests these balls were frequently complemented with a sieve-spoon and were mostly found in female burials.”

    RESERVED Spirit Beads for Meditation and Prayer by DesertTalismans

    - ottoman talisman

    Disk Brooch, circa 600-500, Vendel, copper alloy, gilt. This brooch is from the Vendel period in Swedish history, which precedes the Viking age. Abstractly designed small brooches like these were fashionable until Viking oval brooches replaced them.

    A Viking penny with an image of Thor’s hammer with a “Hand of God” resting on top on the reverse, and a drawn bow and arrow (possibly a misrepresentation of a ship) on the front. Cast out of silver. Made in 920 at the mint of Regnald, the Viking king at York.

    House Protection Runestave by Lolair.deviantart... on @deviantART

    Shell Talisman, 19th Century, 2.2 x 3 inches, With "abjad" magical squares and writing

    celtic-cross-pattern-5.jpg 489×478 pixels

    Statuette of an ibex - Gold. South Arabian Peninsula, I millennium BC.

    Viking age / bronze dragon pendant / Uppland

    RARE STAMP circular openwork decorated with a lion and an ibex on either side of a South Arabian inscription of five letters. Or South Arabian Peninsula, ca. First century.

    Celtic: Achnabreck, a horned spiral, Cairnbaan, Scotland. The largest expanse of rock art in Great Britain, with rings, cups, and gutters, as well as some curious motifs like this horned spiral. Scholars are slowly revealing some of this Neolithic rock art’s secrets, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever know just what the symbols mean.

    Ethiopia | Old amulet necklace with 30 amulets. One amulet has been opened containing a 57 inch scroll; details provided below the necklace. All the amulets contain folded or rolled parchments

    Temple rings. Gdovski kurgans. ГДОВСКИЕ КУРГАНЫ В РАСКОПКАХ В.Н. ГЛАЗОВА. Обработал Член Императорской Археологической Комиссии А.А. Спицын. С 7 таблицами и 108 рис. в тексте. С.-Петербург (Типография Главного Управления Уделов, Моховая, 40), 1903, - 124 c.

    Viking age / Silver amulets from the Viking period found on Öland.

    Viking Age Zoomorphic Raven brooch 9th Century CE, Russia

    Viking age combs / Denmark

    Lamellaphone (Thumb piano) | DR Congo, Holo people | 20th century | Wood, iron, gourd

    los romanos Usaban en joyería el oro, la plata, la pasta vítrea, piedras preciosas, perlas etc. Los collares y brazaletes de oro y pasta vítrea.


    Sideways cross bracelet

    Byzantine Empire Theophilos 829 842D Scarce Gold Solidus Coin R