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Why Retargeting on Facebook is Right On Target for Ad Success Retargeting is changing digital marketing today, but some still don’t understand all of the aspects of this advanced ad approach. Basically, retargeting lets advertisers stay top of mind with consumers who have already visited a company’s website or mobile app by displaying tailored ads that reflect the type of intent and interaction they’ve shown on the website.

Will Facebook’s New Atlas Lead to Better Ad Targeting and Metrics? -- Facebook plans to debut an advanced advertising platform that will improve the ways marketers target and measure their ad buys throughout the Web. The name of the product is Atlas, which is fitting because it “maps” out how Facebook users interact with ads Web-wide, including on apps and third-party websites.

Facebook Broadens its Social Network into a Mobile Ad Network --Facebook is making a major move into mobile advertising by testing a new service that enables the social media network to deliver online ads directly to mobile software apps outside of the network. The service is similar to Google’s AdSense ad network, which delivers ads to third-party websites. But Facebook knows that the mobile market needs that type of network. So the social media giant.. #SocialMedia #Advertising

Got a Second to See How Snapchat Ads Can Momentarily Improve Your Life? -- Snapchat recently popped up as an advertising tool by sending its first piece of sponsored content to users. While the photo-sharing app had previously avoided selling ads on the service, it has decided to introduce a simple style of advertising that gives Snapchatters control over their ad experience to reflect the control they have over their message life.

Now Facebook’s Mobile Ad “Audience Network” is Open for Business -- Calling all advertisers and app developers—Facebook has opened up its targeting-powered, third-party app host ads to everyone, with the launch of Audience Network. This is big news because Audience Network is more than mere available ad inventory from Facebook’s site and apps through a direct buying interface.

Facebook Excites Advertisers With 100% In-View Impression Buying and Analytics Updates -- Facebook is making a good impression with advertisers by offering better ad viewability and more accurate analytics on Facebook. The company recently announced these updates, which will give advertisers much more control with how they run and measure their ads.

Facebook Tries Placing Ads That Arrive When You Arrive at Places -- Facebook is going places and wants others to follow. The social media network is exploring ways to get people to explore nearby businesses and locations by having ads pop up on their mobile devices when they pop into a store or visit a landmark.

What’s Social Media’s Actual Advertising Contribution? -- As social media has evolved into one of the most popular marketing tools today for reaching consumers, all of the leading social networks are now competing for marketers’ ad dollars. After all, eMarketer estimates that spending on social media ads will reach $6.6 billion in the U.S. this year, which is more than 46% higher than last year.

Social Media Monitoring Results in Timely Ad Featuring Injured Olympian, Heidi Kloser -- Thirteen days was all it took for Olympian skier, Heidi Kloser, to go from fallen athlete to rising ad star. After fracturing her leg and tearing some ligaments just one day before the opening ceremonies, Kloser was sidelined from participating in the games. But thanks to a tweet from a fan, who also happens to be an adman, her commercial career is about to take off... #SocialMedia #Marketing