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Starbucks Quote ❤ liked on Polyvore

Tazo® Iced Green Tea Latte - love this stuff. Funny, I don't even like green tea, or coffe/latte for that matter.

Green Tea Frapuccino - Sold only in US Starbucks unfortunately

Starbucks Recipes for almost every drink they have!



Starbucks, starbucks, starbucks!


:D Victoria Secret !!


I want this!!

converse sneakers.


Matthew McConaughey...always lloking damn good!!

zac..looking beyond good :)))

titanic titanic titanic

♥ ♥

Leonardo # 1 GUY!!

Zack Efron, wow!!

Zack Efron ♥ HOT HOT HOTTTT!!

HOT!!! ♥ him

Iced coffee recipe, this is so delicious, tennessa got me hoooked over vacation. we only make the coffee concentrate, then we use half n half and your favorite flavored syrup :) just like an iced latte! delicious!!!

dark purple & silver confetti

Spring Time..lovee Tom Toms :))

Oh my goodness.....Nutella fudgesicles!!