This solar system is totally rad

Fun and easy craft to teach kids the reason behind the seasons!

Almost Unschoolers: Giant Solar System Sugar Cookie **Section 2**

solar system unit

El Universo y nuestro sistema solar

solar system projects for kids | ... Project Ideas

How to Make a Solar System Bracelet

What happens to an egg submerged in vinegar science experiment. Repinned by Pre-K Complete. Follow us at and

The Solar System Song

"12 Amazing Women Who Totally Rocked at Science" (#INFOGRAPHIC)

model of the solar system

Solar System

Like this lap book idea - could do 8 spaces for the 8 planets - info cards and picture tucked into each spot ... groups could research one planet, create everything they need, then share jigsaw or presentation style so all students could build the lap book ... think I'll try this.

Solar system

Skee Ball...Any skill, vocab, etc....I'm thinking divide class into teams. Teams answer questions on dry erase boards, then one person from each team tosses "whatever" to find out what they scored. Or you could do it vice-versa....


Paint push lights to make your very own solar system. This looks so cool hanging on the way {illuminated planets}

Solar System Mobile Make a colorful, educational mobile of the solar system for a stylish addition to any nursery and an excellent way to introduce older children to the planets. Get the Solar System Mobile Template and How-To

Paper Mache Planets

rotation vs. revolution

Oatmeal container planetarium