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  • Joyce Klauer

    crustache... mustache sandwich cutters. Could have used these when I used to cut the kids sandwiches into fun shapes.

  • Toby&Roo

    Moustache sandwich cutter - gets the most out of your bread, but is still fun! I can picture kids everywhere putting sandwiches up to their lips at lunch. Greatness

  • Kim Clark

    crustache... mustache sandwich cutters oh a product i. Never knew existed and now I do I must have

  • Sarah Durbano

    crustache... mustache sandwich cutters.... OR cookie cutters! DING! i want.

  • Ruchira Bose

    oh this would be a fun thing to have in the kitchen: Crustache Mustache Crust Cutter by Fred & Friends

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mustache outlets...these would make me laugh every time I walked by them

CRUSTACHE CRUST CUTTER Hosting a party and not sure what to do for finger foods?  Use a Crustache Sandwich Cutter and dazzle your friends!  Each sandwich that you make can become three different ridiculous mustache sandwiches with this hip cutter!  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches never looked so good!

Charles keeps pointing out that we don't have kids yet, so I shouldn't need this many cookie cutters. I counter with the argument that one can never have too many cookie cutters. Plus, I have lots of hipster friends who love cookies.

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Birthday PanCAKE fun! I want these for my birthday... Somehow, they will be mine

Irish beard pattern. My helpful suggestion? Only make the kid's sizes, and only let kids wear them. Please.

A company called Blandito has designed a circular, foldable pillow that can be manipulated into many shapes (bed, chair, cubbies of different kinds.) Extra larges for adults as well as children's size. I can see this being great biofeedback for sensory averse/craving children. Too bad it's still in the design phase!

Ha! A cutting board that looks like a Nintendo controller, awesome