succulents. oh succulents.



Beautiful broken pot at Succulent Gardens

Succulent wall. Look at all the different types. Beautiful shades and textures.

colorful succulents

Different succulents

Beautiful Cactus Succulent Garden


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succulents... again !

Blooming Cactus

Oxalis palmifrons hails from the deserts of South Africa. This oxalis looks like a giant green snowflake. Zone 7 - 10 Each symmetrical rosette has three dimensional, miniature palm-like leaves.In late fall it is topped with stalks of light pink flowers held just above the foliage. Oxalis palmifrons makes a great windowsill plant.

Pachyphytum Plantas #Suculentas: marzo 2011 | #succulents #cactus


purple succulents

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blue succulent

Burro's Tail Cactus one of our all time favorites. Easy to care for and propagate.

Caring for Succulents: Naturally desert plants, succulents love dry climates and lots of sun. Our succulents are grown locally in Minnesota and come in dozens o