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That would be the politically correct term, but I'm not politically correct, so crazy it is, my friends are mentally hilarious and you know who you are...

How many times have I wanted to say this (or really... how many times has someone wanted to say this to me)?? LOL

Bwahahahahaha!!!! If my humor and jokes offend you: 1. I am really very sorry. 2. I will tone it down. 3. 1&2 are lies. 4. You're a cunt.

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Community Post: You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

I've started remembering random weird details of conversations just because I know this will happen. For example, "Yes we agreed to go grocery shopping after dinner. It was right after we discussed whether or not a cyclops rhino could survive in real life."

Fed up with all the excuses, life is about choices, and actions speak for themselves. Deal with the consequences alright.