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A baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin!!

After reading the posts about this ADORABLE hedgehog, I must say, I WANT ONE! @Kelly Smith

Meet #Darcy, The #Hedgehog Which Is So Cute That You Will Instantly Love It


Hedgehog sponge.

It's so happy and cute!

Hedgehog's are adorable!


Hedgehog Mug | Love love love it!

So cute it makes me wanna cry.

The Girl and the Hedgehog: Paris-based photographer Cath Schneider recently became aware of a small hedgehog living in her garden and decided to investigate a bit closer with her daughter. Schneider tells me they set out a small plate of (lactose free) milk and sure enough the fearless little guy ambled over and started blowing bubbles. Camera in-hand and graced with perfect lighting, she captured this amazing shot. #Photography #Hedgehog #Cath_Schneider

The happiest little hedgehog ever! Why I've always wanted a hedgehog...

“I woke up like this.” | A Day In The Adorable Life Of Turbo The Hedgehog

This baby hedgehog who is overloaded with cute in every aspect.

a corgi and a kitchenaid... it's like a dream come true for me!

Heart... Melting...

Biddy the hedgehog. How can you not love this face!

The Joy of Socks - Super Cute Hedgehogs Socks (Women's), $7.50 (