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I believe in object lessons! Especially visual lessons that involve food, like pizza. If you want to grab kids' attention and teach them a valuable lesson about learning the Bible, try this pizza o...

What Difference Does Studying The Bible Make? Here's an object lesson to illustrate why learning what the Bible teaches (instead of just reading it) is important.

Toothpaste Bible Object Lessons for Children

Object Lesson: Peer Pressure in a Bottle This is an object lesson on peer pressure. You'll need a balloon, black Sharpie marker, and an empty water bottle.

Today in Bible Class we studied about the Great Commission and the Ascension of Jesus. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore ...

Bible Object Lessons about candy

Jesus's blood washes away our sin

Even grownups don’t often “get it” about what Easter means. This Bible object lesson using the Jesus Glass ought to make things more clear for the kids!

Teaching children about prayer and how Jesus Gets Excited When We Pray! Fervent comes from Latin word to boil. We should be praying Fervently!

WEIGHT OF SIN interesting way to teach the heaviness of sin, impure thoughts, unkindness etc can become if we carry them through life.

Great Christian object lesson using a toolbox & tools to teach how God uses each of us uniquely in the Church!

Object lesson: Image of God

Largest library of LDS object lessons anywhere. Thousands of totally free object lessons listed by topic and scripture reference.


Be Nice to Your Rice: The Rice Experiment (Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiment). Teach your kids the power of love vs. harmful words. Scientific explanation is the reverberations of the voice tones, but the kids will be amazed nonetheless! We are doing this!!!

The Best Kids Science Experiments to Try at Home - the easy yet super fun ones!

science experiment with a biblical lesson

Everyday Object Lessons - a site full of religious themed object lessons - perfect for lessons

Jesus Is Transfigured - Coloring Page

The article is actually about making kids who don't want to come to the separate children's worship service want to attend it, but I think it could be easily adapted to make kids feel welcome in worship overall when you don't have a separate service.


Thanksgiving Object Lesson: The Gratitude Balloon | I Love Kids Church

Candy Cane Science Experiment {Fun holiday Science for kids}

Fun Bible object lesson with m&ms! www.CreativeBible...

Here is a wonderful Bible object lesson activity you can do with your children, to teach them that God dwells in each and every one of us today. A small box with a lid is used to help children remember this important message.