Our cats would love this

For cat lovers... The cat library. The shelf comes in two models- the 'hi-top' model for larger animals and 'lo-top' for the tiny lot. The zig-zag pattern of the book- case furnishes the storage of different sized books along with the three basic units. And ofcourse, as much as we say, you can collect your books in the shelf besides belling your Cat!


A few key features: open air cat walks, climbing steps, cat doors in every door, deck built in to the window, extra space in the bathroom designed for their compartment, cat room hidden under the stairs, special fencing to prevent cats from getting away. Apart from these, there has been use of cat friendly construction materials as well.

German designed cat climbing furniture

bookcase made out of pallets - fab idea!

cat litter box

Awesome bookshelves!

This awesome bookcase.

The CatCase is a mixture of a bookcase and cat tree that accommodates books, cats, playtime, and nap time. It’s not too visible in the images, but it has an interior set of steps that a cat can climb like a spiral staircase to reach the top. $1300

tiered shelves that mirror your steps

Bookshelf closet doors YES PLEASE

If I knew where to find one of these cable spools, this would totally be my coffee table! So great for kids room. Add a cushion top

Bookshelf cat tree

Awesome bookshelf.

curved bookshelf

Cat lady love.

piano piano