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Community Post: Yo Momma Is A Shitty Graphic Designer

Yo Momma is so lo-res, she can't even save for web. Come on, you know it's true. Now thanks to the kids at 55 Hi's you can print out these memos and share the LOLs.
  • allora art and design

    yo momma graphic designer jokes #graphicdesign #design #nerd #nerdhumor #graphicdesignhumor #joke #graphicdesignjoke #funny #nerdjoke #yomomma

  • Aida Scrap

    Just a graphic designer / nerd jokes, I meant well ;)

  • Lindsay Ireland

    Graphic design 'Yo Momma' jokes - AMAZING! #GraphicDesign #NerdAlert

  • Lewis Dodson

    Yo Momma makes websites

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Yo Momma is so wack, her birth certificate is printed with Comic Sans...on Papyrus.

love mixing photography with illustration

Welp, gotta pay for that Beemer somehow...might as well try to spin some straw into gold. (Thanks Megan Ashley for the pin!)

  • Shannon

    Yeah, this is easily one of the best up-their-own-ass hipster pins I've ever seen.

  • Kelsey Bonhivert

    From this picture, I assume she is either a way cool badass bitch who just doesn't give a fuck....or just another hipster douche.

  • Jaime GS

    I'm with ya Kelsey. Completely torn!

  • Eirwyn

    Actually... I've been there. I'm a textile designer. Back at school we had to tons of projects with hand spun yarns, I literally carried that thing everywhere. I don't know what that girl's story is, but it could have easily been me.

No one outside of your field understands file types, sizing, raster, vector, typography, or really any crucial aspect of your work.

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Graphic design, infographic, style, colours palette, simple illustrations - inspiration.

Poster designed by Brian Leuck, Kayo Takasugi, design firm of Grady, Campbell, Inc. for Novum Structures. Image from Graphis Poster Annual 2007

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ZKM Plakatwand 2002 Exhibit. Designed by Sven Michel. Image from Karlsruher Ikonotope 1992-2002.