One cake to rule them all... and in diabetes bind them!

Lord of the rings wedding cake

batman wedding cake--- Abby's wedding cake I think

Epic LORD OF THE RINGS Eye Of Sauron Wedding Cake - News - GeekTyrant

Rainbow Cake

I don't care if it's a fake card, I want one for my birthday!

Hobbit hole birthday cake! @Jess Pearl Liu Ard --- you know my birthday is in like week...

Okay, I'm sorry for the one word, but this just cracked me up. "How the Lord of the Rings should have ended." Hilarious lol. XD

I would not say no to this cake. In fact I would say yes!

harry potter cake!

Dominic Monaghan talking about John Rhys-Davies

WOW! Totally cool Death Star, Star Wars cake.

how to put a heart in a cake

Lord of the Rings – Eye of Sauron Cake... This website is the Pinterest of birthday cake ideas - sister paige

pokemon birthday cake @Mati Hilton Hilton Vassallo, you should make this for angelo's birthday!

Lord of the Rings cake for Bobby's next birthday

11's the best... I see what they did there!!!

Hipster Lord of the Rings. My favorite is the Eye Of Sauron.