One cake to rule them all... and in diabetes bind them!

Hobbit hole birthday cake! @Jess Pearl Liu Ard --- you know my birthday is in like week...

Saurons Eye Cake

batman wedding cake--- Abby's wedding cake I think

I don't care if it's a fake card, I want one for my birthday!

Lord of the rings wedding cake

I would not say no to this cake. In fact I would say yes!

Little known fact: Sauron has a soft spot for children. Frodo could've simply walked into Mordor if he acted like one.

Lord of the Rings – Eye of Sauron Cake... This website is the Pinterest of birthday cake ideas

Rainbow Cake , super cute for a kid's birthday!!


Another drum cake for my dad for fathers Day? Anyone have any good recipes for it/ideas for it? Tips?


The Eye of Sauron Cake. Who would have thought that the eye of Sauron would be sweet? And how could something so bad (presumably) taste so good? This awesome Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings cake was baked by Cake Central Member Solociachef21. @Lee Semel Westmoreland

Nightmare cake!

Sherlock cake!


Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Cake,, Mom please make me this,, i didnt get a birthday cake yet.. @Heidi Haugen Haugen Haugen Haugen Knepper

Best. Cake. Ever. (Although I do wish it had a little more pink.)

Where can we find this?!?!