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    I remember that problem.

    • Carol Daly

      Yes .... even that little bit of exercise has now become too much for us lazy people to endure. Perhaps we should keep our remotes on top of the TV across the room and walk to it every time a show ends, like we used to do.

    • Dorothy Baker

      No couch potatoes back then AND no such thing as a remote! Remote meant secluded or something far away (like the TV) LOL!

    • Martha Martha

      changing channels--oh, so true! we kids were often used as the "remote control", and we were not allowed to sit too closely to the TV or it would "ruin our eyes".

    • Shannon Singleton

      And...we only had 3 channels. Yep! and our kids have it good, every tv comes WITH a remote AND batteries! LOL

    • Darlene

      I remember having to walk to the TV to change the channel. I was also the family remote control, when they'd want the channel changed, they'd make me get up and do it... LOL!

    • Terry N  Rio

      changing channels--oh, so true! Kids were often used as the "remote control"............... IT'S TRUE........ WE HAD NO TV REMOTE CONTROLS MOST OF MY LIFE!!!

    • Elaine Sieberg

      When i was your age, we had to walk to the TV to change the channel! We had to turn a dial with numbers on it to select the channel we wanted! We had a choice of channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13, and we were happy to get them! Those were trying times indeed!

    • Judi Rubin

      We kids were the remote controls to change the channels, so we sat in the floor real close to the TV! And...we only had 3 channels. THREE!

    • Buck Wild

      changing channels--oh, so true! And...we only had 3 channels. THREE! Best childhood memories!

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