DIY Iloveyou

Fold on ----- & cut on _______

You probably know the scratch off lottery tickets? Ever wondered how to make them? Well, they are very fun & easy to make.

Pop-Up Card for Mother's Day

father's day card

Folding heart card

DIY: PopUp Heart Card

DIY votives

DIY: hand embroidered Valentines Day cards

bridesmaid gifts?

To have the hearts look like they are coming out of the top of the box, cut a slit in the top of it. This allows you to tuck the first couple of hearts inside.

Laser cut paper butterflies

Mini Bags.... I made this mini bag with 11"x 8.5" card stock. No cutting only folding

Fun heart valentine card and simple too

Lost in translation: {Figure} collection of the most complete history of the snowflake paper cutting tutorial. This winter the windows will not be lonely. So happy ah. [A group meatball]

How Much I Love You Valentine's Day Card

beaded ribbon bracelet

Easy DIY Crafts: Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips.

Love card

Michelle Leone