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How To Make Carob Dog Treats

Carob Pupcake Recipe! These carob pupcakes are made with carob powder, coconut oil and other yummy goodness, and then finished off with a peanut butter yogurt frosting! Your dogs will love them! Recipe via @lolathepitty featured on @pretty_fluffy

Chocolate Snickerpoodle Kisses....They’re a doggie version of snickerdoodles with the added bonus of “chocolate,” which I have of course used carob chips for. Carob is a safe alternative to chocolate for dogs, but with all the same tasty goodness for them. :)

Napawlitans - - All Natural Organic Vegetarian Cinnamon, Carob and Yogurt Cookie Sandwich Dog Treats - - Shorty's Gourmet Treats

Creativity Unmasked: DIY Peanut Butter Carob Dog Treats

Carob dipped strawberry #Organic #Dog Treats. $14.99

Banana Carob Biscotti (dogpacksnacks.net)

DIY Doggie Easter Eggs (Pooch friendly -made of carob and yoghurt!). Not sure I like the idea of using something that looks like chocolate for a dog treat, gives people new to dogs the wrong idea. Still cool though.

Love these! My furry friends couldn't get enough. Homemade Paw Print Dog Treats with melted carob chips and peanut butter too! www.livelaughrowe.com #dogtreats

Dog Treats

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We love sharing dog treat recipes with our fur-friends and their humans. This week we made cookies with Coconut and Carob. What a great combination, I can't believe I had not thought of it sooner. Give this recipe a try, your pooch will thank you for it. Find this and other dog treat recipes at http://DogPackSnacks.net

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