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Glow Stick Lanterns - Mrs Happy Homemaker

Glow stick in a jar, brilliant! Break open a glow stick, dump it in a jar, shake it up and you have an instant glow stick lantern! Perfect for outdoor parties. Must remember this!

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Cut a glow stick and shake contents into a jar. Add as much diamond glitter as you would like. Seal the lid on the jar. This is something your kids will never forget! Use caution with the contents from glow stick.

How To Make Glow Jars With Floating Colors, Tulle is the key! No, tulle just clumped down at the bottom.  Maybe it wasn't a strong enough type.  I'm going with glow-in-the-dark paint next time.

How to make a glow jar! Take a small mason jar and a 2 glow sticks. Then cut the glow sticks in half and empty into the jar. Screw on cap onto the jar and enjoy the sight of a beautiful glow jar.

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glow in the dark bubbles, Definitely want to make these one day! Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Kearney R O O K E // W I L L I A M S Is Far Out Kearney

Camping hacks-glow stick lanterns

DIY Glow Jars Tutorial For each glow jar you will need: a jar two Glow Sticks scissors rubber gloves safety glasses Disclaimer: This is a project meant to be done by an adult – not a child! Purchase Glow Sticks and dig a jar out of your cupboard.

Jetzt weiß ich endlich was ich mit meinem Glow Stick und einem Luftballon mache!

For pool lanterns, stick a glow stick in a balloon and blow it up!

If I had a pool I would totally try this out. Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns. Pool party on a Summer night! I think this could work pinned up on the fence of a backyard without a pool, too, so really great idea for any outdoor BBQ/party!

Glow in the dark bowling.  Try w/ coloured water and our regular glow sticks :)

Night Bowling (water bottles and glow sticks) DIY - this is also a safe way to have a campfire experience in a no-fire zone. put several sticks into one bottle or several bottles.or have ever camper havef a bottle with a few sticks


How To: Start Fires in Style with a Glass Matchjar, Plus 9 More Clever Uses for Mason Jars

I love anything glow in the dark! Glow in the dark mason jars. just paint dots on the inside with glow in the dark paint.


~ glow stick xylophone ~put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them ~ probably the coolest thing ever ~ this would be a fun activity for our first grade SOUND unit ~

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