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Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith • 3 years ago

Alka Seltzer Blob Bottles!! - Such a great craft to do with kids! Need: 1 Liter (or any size) bottle, regular water, cooking oil, food coloring, and Alka Seltzer. Pour 3 quarters of a cup of water into the bottle, then fill the bottle the rest of the way up with your cooking oil. Next you want to wait for a little bit or until the water has settled at the bottom of the bottle and the oil at the top of it. Then pick your favorite color and pour about 8 drops of the food coloring into the bottle (let the drops get to the division between the oil and water). Now drop 1-2 Alka Seltzer tablets into the bottle and watch the FUN begin!! Once your bottle has settled back down again 30 mins- hour later just cap it and keep it, it works over and over again!!