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Quit waiting for a pity party to help accept there's no time to work out, there will never be enough time you just need to prioritize it. No excuses ! Work out or accept health issues that are preventable

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So true

fit quote: saying "oh, I've already ruined my good eating today. I'll just eat like crap" is like saying "oh, I dropped my phone on the floor. I'll just smash it til it breaks.

Being Healthy And Fit Is So Much More Important Than Being Skinny

"Being healthy and fit is so much more important than being skinny. Women are not all built the same- Each of us are are different in size and shape. One person's weight (size) maybe healthy for them but not for you!


Exercising should be about rewarding the body with endorphins and strength not about punishing your body for what you’ve eaten.

This is my theory as well!

Quote : "Think a 20 minute workout won't do anything? Well it's sure as hell better than a 0 minute workout.


You will never regret reaching your goal.you will only regret giving up and not trying harder! This is true motivational!

healthy foods don't leave you hungry

Motivational Quotes: If you eat what you've always eaten you will weight what you always weighed.

so true!!

but you WILL regret SKIPPING a workout. So true. What I tell myself before I start every sweat session.


When You Finish A Great Workout You Feel Great About Yourself ~ Health Quote