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Auricular therapy is one of the most important components of traditional Chinese acupuncture. It is a specialized form where the auricle (ear) is used to stimulate various organs and meridians in the body. The ear represents a fetus in the womb but in an inverted position. It is a microcosm of the macrocosm: the ear represents the entire body.

Lets Talk About Stress Infographic This should be a poster I see everywhere. Important information to make it through grad school.

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The Ceramic Neti Pot: How to Use, Where to Find

#Acupressure #reflexology Points for #Sinus Relief - use these to relieve pain - if you get it right - you get a very happy person

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Should You Use Ice or Heat for Pain?

What's best for your aches and pains: ice or heat? #infographic #pain #heat #ice #pelvic #female #male