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How to Repair Scratches on a Plastic Eyeglass Lens

by Tricia Ross
Eyeglass lenses are typically made from glass, polycarbonate and plastic, with plastic being the most popular option. Not only are plastic lenses a cheaper alternative, but they are lightweight and impact-resistant. The downside is that plastic lenses are more likely to scratch, and those scratches ...
  • Jeanie Harrison

    HOMEMADE EYEGLASS CLEANER - Just use 3 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water. Add a couple drops of dish soap. Pour into spray bottle, shake to mix well and you're done! You’re not only saving money, but helping the environment as well.

  • Jen Gaspers

    DIY Eyeglass Cases

  • Suzanne R. Barnes, AIA

    How to Design Your Own Eyeglass Frames

  • LuAnn Stine

    Eyeglass scratch removal

  • Victoria Reeves


  • s moore

    Homemade Eye Glass Cleaner.

  • Barbara Morris

    Homemade Eye Glass Cleaning Solution thumbnail

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