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flippy the dancing robot

"Science and Engineering Activities for the Winter Break (Or Any Time!)": suggestions for hands-on #science and engineering activities to do with your kids -- or to help keep them occupied -- during the long winter break! [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #familyscience #robotics

How many wheels does a robot need? In the "Go, Gadget, Go! Building Robots with LEGO® Mindstorms®" #science project, students are challenged to build a fast, lightweight, and stable robot. What variables are needed to make a robot that can successfully turn in a tight circle? [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...; Image: NASA] #STEM #scienceproject #robotics #mindstorms -- lots of great science fair ideas, many of which can also be used as in-class activities

Thank you! Please consider Science Buddies in your year-end giving and help us continue to support more than fifteen million students, teachers, and parents who come to Science Buddies as a trusted source of FREE hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math project ideas and resources. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #science #scienceproject

Adding ultrasonic sensors to a #robotics projects can give your bot a Star Wars-inspired edge! In the "Use the Force! Push & Pull Robots With an Invisible Force" #robotics #science project, build and program a LEGO® Mindstorms® robot that you can push and pull using an "invisible force." [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #engineering #LEGO

"Science news" feed on the Science Buddies site makes it easy to have students read science news in an area of interest or related to their science project. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #science

The "Art Bot: Build a Wobbly Robot Friend That Creates Art" #robotics #engineering project guides students in assembling a cool plastic cup-bodied bot ready to create a marker masterpiece. Build the bot for fun, or use the project as a launch pad for a full independent science project exploration! [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #summerscience #science #artbot

Robot hand engineered out of drinking straws -- Robotics science project from Science Buddies.

Students can build an ancient device to tell time - a water clock! Check out the "Build a Water Clock to Show the Drip, Drip, Drip of Time" mechanical engineering project to see how. [Science Buddies]

How does the passage of water shape land? In the "Go with the Flow: Model Rivers with Cornmeal, Sand, & Water" #science project, students make model rivers to explore how different riverbeds respond to the passage of water. What difference does the speed of the water make? [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

Portable water, due to water quality or aridness, is a scarcity in much of the world. Students interested in a hands-on look at tackling this problem can explore one way to make seawater drinkable in the "Solar-Powered Water Desalination" environmental science Project Idea. A convenient science project kit is available in the Science Buddies Store. [Source: Science Buddies]